Latest news for the 2018 Season

What's been going on pre - season

New site screens have been purchased and will be erected in time for the new season, lighter and longer!

Andy Shaw has been on a biscuit diet and is looking agile for the new season.

Clive Haywoods Pie diet seems to have worked!

Ginger Jay is as trim as ever.....

Leon Clarkes move from Southern Comfort to Jack Daniels seems to have paid off!

Scott Rogers has more new kit!

Gareth George has stepped out of his brothers shadow.

Sam Turrell has given up on the thought that he can bowl!

Eike Gilbert is still missing in action.

Sam Lange has shaved his head to emulate his hero....

Matt Williams has auditioned for the new Superman Movie.

Alex Smith was blown away in a gust of light wind!

Matt Page has re-invented himself as James Haskell.

Joe Turrell needs to go on the wagon

Joe Kelly doesn't!

Steve Turrell is already odds on for Clubman of the Year !

If anybody else has pre season information please let me know.